Real Estate Training

Offering In-House Training, Coaching, and Continuing Education

Our company has thrived, in large part, because of our long history of market-leading agent training. We offer a complete suite of custom-built in-person training and mentoring programs to our agents as well as online and live stream opportunities. Our in-person continuing education is also available to every agent in the area because we truly believe that helping everyone in our industry with education helps our agents in their business. What’s even more, our training programs are almost always offered completely free to our agents.

Launch Post Licensing Training Fulfillment

One of your first tasks upon acquiring your real estate license will be a 25 hour post license education requirement. We offer an in-person training course designed to not only fulfill your required post license continuing education in Georgia, but also to give you an in depth approach to your first 18 months of being a Realtor.

Social Media, Personal Branding and Online Presence Training

There is no denying that social media has changed almost every consumer facing business, and the real estate industry is no exception. We believe in helping agents build their businesses for the future, using the most current marketing tools and trends. As such, we have on staff marketing professionals, trained in brand development as well as digital and social media marketing, that provide assistance and marketing coaching to our agents at no cost to them.


One of the cornerstones of our training and development program is our agent mentoring program. Available to new agents in their first 12 months, this program partners rookie agents with successful, seasoned agents and is designed to further enhance our company’s overall agent development experience. Mentors are tasked with helping agents build their businesses and win in the marketplace. Key focus areas of this program are to assist agents with career and personal goal setting, business planning, and implementation of those plans. Mentors provide an additional level of accountability, while also fostering an additional layer of community and engagement for new agents at our company.

The Mentor team consists of agents who are high-volume producers in both our company and in the local market area we serve, but who are still in their first 10 years in the business. The standards for this team are high. Agents serving in a mentoring role are required to have produced a minimum of $150K+ in gross commission income and had 20 transactions in the prior 12 months, and most importantly, they must possess a desire to lead, teach, and develop others.

One-on-One Coaching

All of our agents have unlimited access to one-on-one coaching sessions with our company’s leadership team. Coaching meetings are customized for each agent based on their goals or growing their business. These sessions can cover an array of topics to include goal setting, team, scaling your business, growing your team, business planning, lead generation and service best-practices.

Open Door Policy

Our training doesn’t end in the classroom. We have an open door policy that allows you to access personal one-on-one training with all of our staff to ensure that all of your needs are met. Our team of experienced brokers and leaders are here to help. From direct-mail farming, contract writing, to personal marketing, and everything in between, we are always available to help you achieve your goals.

Agent Development Meetings

A key piece of our training culture is accountability, and not just our agents accountability to the company, but the company’s accountability to agent. Twice a year, our leadership team meets with every agent in the company to discuss their goals, both in business and personally, and find places where the company can come alongside them, in significant ways, to help them to achieve their goals.