Deon Tucker

Deon Tucker


My name is Deon Tucker and I am a real estate agent. My trainer gave me a list of things to do to get started in my career, one of the first was to create a profile. I immediately looked at his and other agents profiles to get an idea of what I needed to write. The profile talked about who they were. I realized that I had no idea of who I am. As I struggled to define me, the only meaning that I could find was that I was just….me.

I know what I did. I proudly served my country for eight years in the United States Army in the aviation field. I went to college and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Troy State University.

I know what I do. Professionally I have worked for Pratt & Whitney for the past nineteen years. I started out as an aircraft engine mechanic and now I am a Customer Account Manager, which is basically the interface between the customer and Pratt & Whitney Columbus Engine Center. All communication flows through me to and from the customer. Personally, I am a part-time chauffeur who drives my children to and from school, sports activities, dances, and award programs. I also clean, fix things, and cook a mean Cajun Shrimp Pasta.

I know who I love. I met my wife Tamela ten years ago at Lakebottom Park while I was running and she was walking extremely fast. I’ve never been so happy to be picked up in my entire life. (Although she says she was not trying to pick me up.) She not only drives me crazy sometimes, she also drives me to be the husband that she deserves, the father my children need, and the man God created me to be. I love her, my children, and my family with all of my heart.

I know whose I am. I have always loved God, but I surrendered my life to him in June of 2006. My life has gotten better and better ever since. I feel like with him I can do anything and I know that without him I am nothing.

I know what I want to do. I want to help people find houses. It may be the house of their dreams or it may be the house that they can afford. I want to help people sell their house whether it’s to retire to Florida, or to make some extra money to send their kids to college. Either way, I would like to be a part of that. I want to offer support and encouragement as we navigate through the processes together. Most importantly I hope to motivate and encourage people that wherever they end up, to make their house a home. No matter the neighborhood or the address, the love on the inside is what makes a house a home, just like the light that shines in all of us makes us good.

One day someone will have to write about who I was, and my hope is that I will give them enough material to say good things about me, but for now I am still just me. I am also so very excited to help you!