Mary Lee Holm

Mary Lee Holm


I moved to Columbus in 2016 to attend the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University (go Cougz!). My career as a classical singer took me from touring Northern Italy performing operas to debuting new arrangements for VOCES8 in Southern California, but my heart always led me back to Columbus. I met and fell in love with my now husband here and we could never commit to leaving the birthplace of God's gift to humanity (Diet Coke). We love walking with our children (AKA our two rescue dogs) by the river and roaming the Historic District.

As an active member of the Columbus State University Honors College and resident assistant for the Riverpark Campus while I was in college, I was constantly learning more about the history and cultural relevance of Columbus. The more I learned, the more entranced I became with the rich history surrounding this city. Because of my infatuation with the historical significance of Columbus, and my husband's background in accounting and finance, investing in historic real estate in Columbus seemed like the next logical step for us. We have loved being able to spend time together investing in and preserving unique homes around Columbus.

Reach out to me with any home purchasing, selling, or real estate investment needs!