Diedere Zalunardo

Diedere Zalunardo


Diedere was taught at a young age that if you want something in life, you have to work for it. So that's what she's done ever since.

As the years went by, Diedere worked her way from an administrative assistant to a personal banker, never wavering in her resolve to become the best version of herself with each career move.

Diedere got into the real estate industry 17 years ago when she lived in Atlanta. She moved to Hamilton GA in 2002 were she continued her real estate career. In 2007 everything in her life took a terrible turn. Her 14-year-old son Joshua was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which left her being by his side taking care of him and visits in and out of the hospital for almost a year. Joshua finally lost his fight with cancer in May of 2008. After her son passed, she was stricken with grief, not caring anything about life. Being in the state of mind that she was, she decided to let her real estate license lapse. After years of working through the despair of grief and then going through a divorce. She took a position to work as a personal banker for a well-known bank. After many years with the bank she decided to give up the corporate world and pursue her passion and get back into real estate. She loved this profession because of the freedom and challenge it offers her. She enjoys helping other people pursue and realize their own dreams which is a driving force behind it all for her.

To this day she still enjoys watching sellers hand the keys over to the buyers. "It never loses its appeal." she stated, regardless of which side of the transaction she represents.

As her career advanced, Diedere found herself working with listing properties in the Harris County and Columbus area. Her expertise in marketing properties through different avenues that give her properties the most exposure. Her other strengths include consist of her knowledge of the purchase process, honesty and integrity, responsiveness and knowledge of the real estate market.

Diedere Zalunardo lives in Hamilton, GA and in her free time when she's not the clients she enjoys hanging out with family and friends. She loves watching football, playing tennis, riding her bike through Callaway Garden, and traveling whenever she can. She is an avid outdoors lover and any chance she gets; you will catch her out in the ocean fishing.

Diedere aims to provide the highest level of service to her clients and takes deep pride in helping them achieve their real estate goals.