Javon Person

Javon Person


My name is Javon Person. I was born in Kinston, North Carolina. My childhood memories began playing street hockey on a military base Germany before moving to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Shortly after that our family was relocated again to Fort benning, Georgia. Columbus, and the surrounding areas, is where I experienced majority of my life.

When we moved to Columbus, Georgia I was eight years old. I attended Edgewood Elementary School, Richards Middle School, Hardaway High School, and Smith's Station High School (Smith Station, AL). In my sophomore year I moved to Orlando, Florida with my uncle for a year. There I went to Cypress Creek High, a multicultural school with friends, classmates, coaches, and teachers from all over the world. There I learned a true passion for people and awareness of others. In my junior year I returned home. We lived on the outskirts of Columbus in Ellerslie, Georgia. There I attended Harris County high school and grew to enjoy the atmosphere of four wheelers, mounted trucks, open roads, and starlit night skies.

Now it's years later and I have a family of my own. I enjoy partaking in the growth and development of my children. All the activities I love to do the most, I often do with them. Activities like athletic training, outdoor walking/running, yoga, playing basketball, going fishing, producing music, playing DJ equipment and audio booking are common bonding moments for us.

I understand there is a difference between a house and a home. There are many factors that influence where we decide to live.

I've always had a passion for sharing knowledge with people, therefore my goal is to be a much-needed source of information.

What ever you are looking to accomplish... Wherever you are going... I promise to provide you a memories of quality service. I'll always operate with integrity, and work diligently to assist in your real estate goals. These are my cornerstones as a Professional Realtor. If I can help you in any way, please, never hesitate to contact me.