Joshua Talia

Joshua Talia


Hello, my name is Joshua Talia. I have spent most of my adult career in the restaurant industry learning the art, skill, and importance of customer service. My largest responsibility there was to help people grow and learn to see things in a different way. To try and look at a bigger piece of the picture. I took a lot of pride in that part of the job. I learned that investing in the people around me would also be an investment in myself.

I also take Jiu Jitsu and have been really taken aback in the life lessons I've learned on the mats. Mostly in how to deal with difficult situations (even if I put myself there), learning my limitation, and mostly learning how to deal with pressure. "If you can learn to deal with the pressure on the mat, then you can deal with the pressures of life." -Professor Joshua Browlin

My son is taking classes now and I am blessed to be able to be a part of the coaching team for his class. I've always had an interest in real estate, but in 2018 my wife and I started a surrogacy journey for a couple and the Dad was in real estate. He talked a lot about it and it got me extremely interested in really seeing what it was all about.

I started to think about how much I would enjoy practicing real estate. I was hooked I started reading books on it and every time we would meet I would ask him a bunch of questions. I always knew that I wanted something different. It just took an unlikely meeting with someone I would never met under different circumstances to learn what it was I wanted.

I think my experience will help me as I start to practice real estate in many ways. Customer service has always been a top priority for me and helping people has become a passion. If you are considering buying or selling a home, we can find a house, for you and your spouse. I look forward to working with you.