Kayla Cyrus

Kayla Cyrus


Born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, Kayla grew up on the golf course or working at her fathers fitness center. The oldest of five, her family home was far from quiet. In 2014, Kayla reconnected with a high school friend and later married Blake Cyrus who was in the US Army.

In 2016, Kayla graduated with her associates degree in Veterinary Technology and moved to Fort Stewart, Ga. There, the Cyrus Family welcomed their first child, Addelyn. Kayla decided it was time to be a stay at home mother for a while. By 2017, the Army stationed the Cyrus Family to Fort Riley Kansas. While there, Kayla and Blake welcomed twins Reagan and Rhett. Kayla went back to school and graduated with her Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Associate in Marketing. With those degrees, Kayla helped Blake run his professional firearms company for 4 years and went back to work full time as an Insurance Agent. They later opened an indoor training facility that was often used by police departments and units on Fort Riley.

In 2023, the Army moved the Cyrus Family to Fort Moore, Ga. Kayla started at KPDD in April as the front desk receptionist and by July she was moved to Accounting Coordinator. Blake and Kayla started Cyrus Family Farms raising pigs, cows, chickens as well as making soaps and home decor. When Kayla is not at work, you can find her at the farm, ball fields, rodeos or attending theater productions. She keeps busy with Addelyn's barrel races as she competes competitively, Rhett's baseball games and Reagan's theater shows.