Patti Simkins

Patti Simkins


Patti Smisson Simkins is a graduate of Davidson College with a bachelor's degree in fine arts, and a graduate of The University of Tennessee-Nashville with a master's degree in business, emphasis marketing. She holds a Realtor's license in Georgia and Alabama. Patti returned home to her native Columbus after a 12-year career in publishing in Nashville, missing her home and ready to raise her family of 3 children there. She intends to stay home and help others appreciate how wonderful a place Columbus and the Chattahoochee Valley are to raise a family.

Patti has learned that there are many single persons forming households who appreciate her advice on how appropriate the purchase of a home is to those who wish to make smart financial moves. Her experience in raising three children gives her special insights into the needs of families with multiple children (don't forget pets! They are family members, too!)

As a Realtor who helps homeowners sell their homes, Patti takes particular pleasure in advising on home improvements that are inexpensive but crucial for resale.

Patti's children are busy pet sitters, babysitters, and house sitters, practicing the work ethic she prizes. She is active in school organizations, two church congregations, and community service efforts. She loves walking, reading, movies, and horseback riding (when her knee, injured in an accident after 33 years of downhill skiing, permits!) Be sure to ask for her latest theories on weight loss! She solicits your input on how to manage her children's soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and Boy Scouting interests along with everything else.

Licensed as a Realtor since 1996, Patti has been an active investor in real estate since 1982. She works with an active group of investors who purchase property for rent and resale. She has also been known as Mrs. Mark Allen Simkins since 1988.