Monroe Davis

Monroe Davis


When you turn the key to your new home, you turn the page to a new chapter in life. Whether it's your first, second, or third home, that feeling of knowing everything you've endured to get to this moment is worth it. My essential core values are rooted in honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service. I'm extremely dedicated to making the real estate process whether buying, selling, moving from across the country, or just moving to another side of town as smooth and stress-free as possible for my clients!

My name is Monroe Davis, and I was born and raised in the small, country town of Thomasville, Alabama. While in my early teens, I endured my first big culture shock and moved to the Big Apple - New York! After graduating high school, I was blessed with the opportunity to play baseball at the colligate level at SUNY Jefferson in Watertown, NY where I majored in business and (?) sports management. Although my initial dream of playing in the MLB didn't come true, it led me to my actual calling of genuinely serving people!

Through my career in jewelry sales, I was offered the opportunity to move to Columbus, GA. Furthering my career while once again also being closer to home was a win-win! Upon moving here, I discovered something I thought would only be a hobby, but it has now turned into a great passion that I will enjoy for years to come. Brazilian jiu-jitsu has the fundamental qualities of discipline, hard work, and attention to detail that I will bring to every real estate transaction.

In my spare time when I'm not busy with my regular day-to-day routine, I enjoy being involved in the car community. From a young age, my father and I enjoyed tinkering in my home auto shop and admiring all the classics at the old car shows. Although now I'm more interested and invested in the latest models and technology of cars, it still boils down to the simplicity of the experience of meeting other genuine and passionate enthusiasts.

The biggest lessons learned in my years of customer service revolve around the ability to form genuine relationships. As your trusted real estate professional, I am committed to helping my clients achieve their real estate goals. I will also ensure that you will feel appreciated throughout the entire experience. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or looking to sell your home, I will bring the skills and resources necessary to make your real estate journey a success!

"The best investment on Earth is earth." Louis Glickman